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    About GenTech

    About GenTech

    Established in 2009, Shanghai GenTech Co., Ltd. has been providing process critical system solutions to leading customers in China’s hi-tech industries, including IC, flat panel display, LED, PV, fiber optics and bio-pharmaceutics. GenTech strives to become the most established and trusted brand in process critical solutions, providing advanced technologies, reliable products and responsive services to all customers in the hi-tech and advanced manufacturing industries.


    It is the unremitting pursuit of every?employee in GenTech to create value for customers and make their own contributions to the national dream of rejuvenating the country through science and technology.


    Perfection is our Profession. Striving for perfection, focus, continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence are the innate genes of GenTech employees.


    There is only WE instead of ME in every employee’s mind in GenTech. It is our consensus that our personal value can only be realized through our team success.

    Serviced Industries

    Management System Certification

    ISO-9001 Quality management system certification

    ISO-14001 Environmental management system certification

    OHSAS-18001 Occupational health and safety management system certification

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    • Address:
      No.55 Chunyong Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone,
      Shanghai, China, 201108
    • Business: info@gentech-online.com
    • Recruitment: hr1@gentech-online.com
    • Report: jubao@gentech-online.com
    • Tel: +86-21-54428800
    • Fax: +86-21-54428811

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