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    Career Development

    Career Development

    Talent is our most valuable asset. We will provide employees with broad space to fully demonstrate their talents and build a platform for their career development. GenTech is committed to building a complete human resource management system, in which we create multi-dimensional employee files and integrate critical data for employees, to improve management efficiency, build organization and position system, as well as provide supports for corporate talent strategy.

    Warm team with desirable benefits

    GenTech is committed to building a strong team and providing employees with a warm working environment. We are well aware of "No pain, No gain". As long as you are determined to make efforts for your ambition, we will do our best to seek benefits for you. In addition to basic salary and social insurance, GenTech also has a complete employee care and reward system, which will make your goal chasing journey more and more plentiful.

    The Two-day Weekend
    Insurance and Housing Fund
    Annual Physical Examination
    Holiday Welfare

    We are here waiting for you to create infinite possibilities!

    And we also wish to find out how much value technology can create for mankind.


    • Address:
      No.55 Chunyong Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone,
      Shanghai, China, 201108
    • Business: info@gentech-online.com
    • Recruitment: hr1@gentech-online.com
    • Report: jubao@gentech-online.com
    • Tel: +86-21-54428800
    • Fax: +86-21-54428811

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