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    R&D and Technology

    R&D and Technology

    High Purity Material Generation and Purification

    With in-depth research on chemical reactions, separation and purification mechanisms, the electronic materials team of GenTech has achieved the synthesis of electronic materials through using engineering techniques to magnify experimental devices. Then, through catalytic adsorption, high-efficiency distillation, membrane separation and other purification means, GenTech has mastered these core technologies to effectively remove harmful impurities in electronic materials. Through treatment technology for inner wall of gas cylinder , GenTech is able to guarantee stable quality for high purity gas during storage and transportation, and satisfies the purity of 99.9999% or higher required by the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

    Using synthesis, separation and purification technologies, the purity of arsine and phosphine products produced by GenTech could reach 99.9999% and above. The critical impurities content is superior than the relevant standards described in GB/T 26250-2010 National Standards People's Republic of China: Gas for Electronic Industry-Arsine and GB/T 14851-2009 National Standards People's Republic of China: Gas for Electronic Industry-Phosphine.

    Process System Micro-contamination Control

    Based on material science and surface treatment process principles, GenTech team avoids bringing secondary contamination to process media and guarantees high purity of process gases and chemicals in the delivery system. For such purpose, GenTech controls critical steps such as system design, material selection, equipment manufacturing, clean environment, construction method, quality inspection, equipment testing and commissioning, etc.

    GenTech has established a set of certifications and inspection processes, constructed a complete essential material database, and equipped with scanning electron microscope, metal composition spectrum analyzer, roughness analyzer and other analysis tools. Thus, GenTech is able to independently conduct material analysis, purity testing, and component performance testing etc., to ensure the quality meets system design requirements.

    For the sake of serving customers, GenTech continuously optimizes the specific process and functional components to achieve system micro-contamination control technology.

    Material Recovery & Recycling

    The pan-semiconductor industry has very low utilization rate of process media, and the utilization rate of some process material is less than 5%, or even does not participate in chemical reactions at all. Moreover, most process media should be avoided to directly discharge into the atmosphere or municipal sewage systems while industrial tail gas, waste liquid and wastewater should be effectively treated. GenTech has developed waste recycling technology, using various engineering methods and managements to recover useful substances and energy from wastes. By recycling high-valued components in waste items and reusing upon secondary purification, it can not only reduce raw material consumption, but also ensure production safety, and avoid environmental pollution.

    GenTech has independently developed a helium recovery and recycling system. By studying the physicochemical properties of helium and related components, the system applies a combination of purification methods such as filtration, adsorption, and membrane separation to recycle helium, satisfying customers in terms of recovery rate and purity. This technology not only helps customers reduce their cost of purchasing raw materials, but also reduces the dependence on foreign suppliers.

    Flow System Design and Simulation

    GenTech adopts process simulation technology, through engineering design and software programming, to accurately and dynamically calculate temperature, pressure, flow, concentration, heat transfer and other parameters of the high-purity electronic gases and chemicals delivered. By simulating actual operating parameters, the software can guide piping system design, parts selection, energy consumption improvement, etc.

    Combining sophisticated process application database and accumulated project experience, and modifying the calculation process through realistic practice, the accuracy of simulation is improved, enabling to deal with complex fluid system design. GenTech combines fluid subject with engineering practice to optimize the design of critical components and equipment in the system. Thus, the company is able to support stable supply of gases and chemicals to match specific needs of customers.

    Material Analysis and Trace Impurities Detection

    For the harmful impurities in specialty gases and chemicals, GenTech RND team has developed an accurate and reliable method to analyze trace impurities by using self-developed chromatographic column packing formula and packing process to design the corresponding feed and purge procedures. With a view to ensure the production of high purity electronics materials, GenTech is equipped with a high-precision detector to detect and analyze harmful impurities of electronics specialty gas such as trace moisture, oxygen, particles, and hydrocarbons.

    GenTech has established a complete set of analysis and detection methods, and has applied these technologies to the high-purity specialty gas business. In order to ensure accurate and reliable results and also guarantee production of high purity specialty gases, analyzing and testing laboratory built up by GenTech in Hefei has established standard operating procedures in every link from high-purity sampling systems to precise analytical instruments.

    Life Safety and Process Control

    GenTech follows intrinsic safety design principles and evaluates the hazards and operability of gas and chemical systems based on the requirements of the 14 major elements of process safety. Through process hazard analysis, we identify and evaluate possible risks, and reflect the technically important points in the design plan and operating procedures. GenTech has designed and built a software and hardware platform for gas and chemical system monitoring, helping customers achieve automated safety control and management of the material supply process.

    For equipment, GenTech has accumulated process logics and experienced parameters in customer supply systems from various industries. We embed process safety interlocks in the PLC program to avoid human's wrong operations or process flow logic errors that will result harm to system's life and staff 's safety. For management, GenTech achieves data recording and central monitoring for system operation through the collection of basic data such as process equipment and detectors. Furthermore, GenTech provides customers with specific functions, such as status query, safety warning, maintenance prompts, and information traceability, to enhance life safety and process safety management.


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