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    Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development


    Strictly comply with applicable national environmental laws, regulations, other local policies as well as relevant international environmental conventions and codes.

    All the company's production activities are consistently adhered to the concept of "Green service, pollution prevention, environmental care and sustainable development".

    The company should be certified by the management system of GB/T24001-2016 idt ISO14001: 2015 standard.

    The company establishes the rules and regulations related to environmental protection as well as energy-saving and emission-reduction, which are all under strict supervision and implementation.

    The materials and packings adopted for the purpose of production and office activities are zero-pollution, low-pollution, renewable and recyclable items as far as possible. And the company adheres to green production actions

    The company regularly organizes employees to participate in various environmental public welfare activities and believes every single employee shall be involved in environmental protection course.

    The company has been committed to developing the zero-pollution discharge, recycling and reuse technology against process waste, hoping to provide customers with efficient and green process technology services.


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