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    Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development


    Strictly comply with applicable national occupational health protection laws, regulations as well as other local policies.

    All the company's production activities are consistently adhered to the concept of "Put people first, precaution crucial, safety guarantee and focus on health".

    The company should be certified by the management system of GB/T28001-2019 idt ISO45001: 2019 standard.

    The company establishes complete rules and regulations related to occupational health protection as well as disease prevention, which are all under strict supervision and implementation.

    The company insists on providing annual health examination services for each employees every year as well as occupational disease examination services for employees who are likely to be exposed to the work environment containing occupational hazards.

    The company provides additional commercial medical insurance services for every regular employee.

    The company establishes a complete personal protection system and is equipped with a detailed personal protective equipment warehouse to provide each employee with the most appropriate personal labor protection equipment.

    The company establishes a complete employee occupational health and safety training system, including skills training, safety awareness training, hazardous work certification training, etc.


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