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    Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development


    Strictly comply with applicable national security and emergency response laws, regulations as well as other local policies.

    All the company's production activities are consistently adhered to the goal of "Zero significant accidents and zero significant casualties".

    The company should be certified by the management system of“Shanghai Safety Production Standardization System”.

    The company establishes a "Safety Management Committee" headed by the president. The committee holds regular meetings in order to analyze and summarize the safety management methods, and ensures that safety production funds are correctly used annually.

    The company establishes complete rules and regulations related to emergency response, safety performance rewards and punishments, which are under strict supervision and implementation.

    The company insists on carrying out emergency response exercises for all employees every year. During the exercises, employees can constantly sum up experience, which exercises their emergency response capabilities from practice.

    The company organizes Hazards and major hazards identification are conducted annually in accordance with the business characteristics. Moreover, the company also formulates control and monitoring measures, management plans, etc.

    The company implements an operation permit approval system for all high-risk operations within the business scope, including special construction operation scheme, JHA work hazard analysis, etc.


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