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    Maintenance, Repair and Operation

    Maintenance, Repair and Operation

    Emergency Response Vessel

    Salvage cylinder is used for emergency treatment for dangerous gas leaking. The leaking cylinders should be safely placed in salvage cylinder for the sake of moving to the for easy transferring safe area or the original factory with proper further treatment. It is suitable for filling toxic and corrosive gas cylinders with a pressure not exceeding 163MPa and a volume not exceeding 50L.

    Equipment features:

    Comply with GB/T150.1~1504-2011

    Medium-pressure vessel, anti-corrosion and wear resistance with special design and high safety

    Ergonomics, easy to operate and move

    Emergency response:

    Value-added services for emergency response drill training are optional

    ERV equipment files

    Product Certification for Pressure Vessel

    Product Data Sheet for Pressure Vessel

    Supervision and Inspection Certification for Special Equipment Manufacture

    Product Quality Certification Documents

    Pressure Vessel Design Documents

    Releasing Information Of Heads And Forgings

    On-site Assembly Welding Completion Data

    As-built Drawing


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