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    Equipment and System Integration

    Equipment and System Integration

    High Purity Gas Delivery Equipment

    Ultra-high purity gas delivery equipment is one of the most critical equipment in factory facility sector among the pan-semiconductor industries covering integrated circuits, flat panel displays, light-emitting diode, photovoltaics and optical fibers.

    GenTech has been deeply involved in the field of high-purity gas supply systems for years, providing customers with complete solutions for the design and manufacturing of gas supply equipment in critical processes such as etching, diffusion, ion implantation, thin film deposition and yellow light technology in pan-semiconductor industry. All gas equipment manufactured by GenTech are certified by SEMI S2.


    By using high-cleanliness components, GenTech proceeds ultra-high purity process in a controllable environment to avoid secondary gas pollution from the system and ensure the purity at the PPB level.


    GenTech adopts necessary safety equipment and control systems to prevent and urgently respond to the risks resulted by accidental gas leak.


    Through optimized system design and strict manufacturing process control, GenTech ensures that the equipment can continuously deliver gas at a stable pressure and flow rate.


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