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    Equipment and System Integration

    Equipment and System Integration

    Clean Fluid System

    Dedicated to Bio-pharm and related fields, GenTech is committed to developing and producing high performance clean process system. Our manufacturing base in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, has over 20,000 M2 high standard clean facility, including vessel manufacturing workshop, clean welding workshop, process modular manufacturing workshop, pressurized vessel X-ray inspection workshop , factory acceptance test workshop. The plant is equipped with high precision CNC machine, automatic orbital welding machine and precision testing instrument. With QA and GMP, we maintain good manufacturing practice for our products and ensure high performance for all the systems. Our efficient operation of the plant, also shorten project delivery time for customers.

    GenAqua System
    We provide total solutions of high quality pharmaceutical water systems for pharmaceutical, medical, life science customers, including system conceptual design, system detailed design, equipment manufacturing, system integration, GMP validation, process control and GEP project management.
    GenAqua Products includes the following:

    PW Generation System: our new intelligent unattended purified water generation system, integrated with a variety of state of art water technologies, can meet the stringent requirements of ultrapure water quality, stable performance and regulatory compliance for biopharmaceuticals industry.

    Multi-effect Distiller: high-standard design, with high-efficiency falling film evaporation, vapor-liquid separation and multi-effect heat exchange technologies are integrated to produce high-quality pharmacopoeia WFI.

    Pure Steam Generator: advanced and unique evaporation and preheating design, providing dry and pyrogen-free pure steam, complied with strict sterilization process requirements.

    Formulation System

    We provide customers with core process solutions includes quantitative formulation, mixing and dispersion, and process management, we are also focusing on the development and application of prospective and innovative formulations such as fat emulsion, liposomes, microspheres, etc.

    Bioprocess system

    We provide overall core process solutions for biopharmaceutical customers producing vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, proteins, blood products, our scope of supply includes bioreactor, fermentation system, medium preparation system, harvesting system, ultrafiltration system, buffer preparation, Biological formulation system, CIP system, control system and validation system.


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