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    Products and Service

    Products and Service

    Equipment and System Integration

    Relied on the self-produced key equipment, GenTech provides customers with the whole process services covering design, manufacturing and installation to guarantee the technical quality and safety of customers in China’s hi-tech industries, including IC, flat panel display, solar PV, LED, fiber optics and bio-pharmaceutics, in an all-round way. With long-term R&D efforts and project practice, GenTech continuously develops products to meet the needs from downstream customers for the sake of process upgrading.

    High Purity Electronic Materials

    The electronic materials produced by GenTech are widely used in silicon wafer epitaxial growth, solar photovoltaic cells, LED lighting, flat panel display, IC and other industries.

    Maintenance, Repair and Operation

    GenTech provides comprehensive technical support and services for customers' system operation and management, quickly responding to service requirements from customers.

    Regeneration and Recycling Solutions

    Waste of key materials are usually resulted by the low utilization rate of process media in semiconductor industry. Due to the harmful nature of the process media, easily cause environmental pollution easily occurred when such media is discharged. Relied on the gases and chemicals control and purification technology GenTech provides customers with the solutions of recycling high-value products from waste through purification.


    • Address:
      No.55 Chunyong Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone,
      Shanghai, China, 201108
    • Business: info@gentech-online.com
    • Recruitment: hr1@gentech-online.com
    • Report: jubao@gentech-online.com
    • Tel: +86-21-54428800
    • Fax: +86-21-54428811

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