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    Regeneration and Recycling Solutions

    Regeneration and Recycling Solutions

    Waste of key materials are usually resulted by the low utilization rate of process media in semiconductor industry. Due to the harmful nature of the process media, easily cause environmental pollution easily occurred when such media is discharged.Relied on the gases and chemicals control and purification technology GenTech provides customers with the solutions of recycling high-value products from waste through purification.

    Helium Recovery & Recycling System

    Helium is very rare in China and accounted on importing. Featured as inert gas and sound thermal conductivity, Helium is widely used in fiber optics manufacturing industries. Due to the fact that China accounts for over 50% capacity of the global fiber optics manufacturing, Helium recovery and recycling plays a significant role in resources-saving and supply security. The helium recovery and recycling system (HRS) developed by GenTech aims at recovering and purifying the helium waste gas vented from optical fiber preform workshop by adopting advanced membrane separation and low temperature adsorption technology. The purity of the recovered helium could reach as high as 99.999% while the recovery rate could be over 70%, which has been proved by the customers upon on-site verification. In addition, the purified helium could be directly put into application for the preform generation process, dramatically lower the raw material cost and realizing efficient recycling.

    Organic Solvent Recovery & Recycling System

    Although huge amount of organic solvent (PGMEA, NMP) will be used as stripper during the flat panel display manufacturing process and NMP will be largely used in lithium battery manufacture process, these solvents do not undergo any chemical reaction during such processes. Therefore, recovery and recycling solutions are widely resorted to. Compared with the traditional organic solvent distillation technology, the organic nanofiltration membrane separation technology developed by GenTech could lower over 30% cost. Impurities such as metal ions and polymer particles in the organic solvent could be effectively removed by membrane separation, and the discarded organic solvent could be purified as high as 99.9% with over 90% recovery rate. In addition, membrane separation technology is featured with none phase change, normal temperature operation, low energy consumption, high safety and coherent structure, which is easy to be integrated and enlarged by module. Therefore, on-site recovery, purification and recycling is feasible, saving the customer's raw material cost.

    Waste Acid Recovery & Recycling System

    Huge amount of high purity HF acid and HNO3 acid are used to clean silicon wafer in semiconductor and solar cell industries, generating a large quantity of waste acid liquid. The drained waste acids bring not only environmental problems, but also cost increase to customer. Upon years' theoretical study and practical verification, GenTech, based on the market demand for waste acid recovery and recycling for texture and etching process in solar cell business, has grasped key technologies including concentration, purification, mixing and concentration measurement for electronics grade chemicals. Thus, GenTech is able to provide turn-key services for waste acid recovery and recycling solutions ranging from design, manufacturing, installation, debugging to operation.


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