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    Maintenance, Repair and Operation

    Maintenance, Repair and Operation

    Customized?service putting people first

    GenTech believes that high-quality customer service is an important factor in improving customer’s satisfaction and loyalty, which can also help to strengthen the cooperative relationship.
    Hence, we are adhered to the customer-oriented principle and build a professional service team to provide customers with sound after-sales service, including after-sales problem solution training, consultation and complaint handling, ensuring that customers are entitled to the best service experience.

    Service network and local support

    GenTech's service network covers all over the country, enabling timely customer service responses and solutions.

    Service description

    Based on the customers’ actual requirements, GenTech provides customers training in terms of equipment, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

    Service type

    Equipment technical support

    Upon Delivery
    GenTech provides equipment’s detailed descriptions and main-component’s common failures as well as other materials so that customers may have a corresponding understanding on equipment during the future operation.

    Upon Inspection and Acceptance
    GenTech dispatches service engineer who is responsible for operation and maintenance training to train the equipment users designated by the customer, so that users may master the correct methods for equipment application and maintenance.

    Quality assurance service

    The quality assurance service provided by GenTech includes providing support to customers for technical problem-solving during the use of the contracted products within the warranty period, and assisting customers to ensure the safe and stable operation of the product.

    Service hotline

    24-hour service hotline 400-880-5068

    For any concerns or technical problems arising from the system equipment maintenance, please call the 24-hour service hotline. GenTech is equipped with a telephone consultation support team composed of senior service engineers. In case of technical problems, customers can designate their own professionals to collect and summarize fault information ands connect us through their representatives for us to make quick response.


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      No.55 Chunyong Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone,
      Shanghai, China, 201108
    • Business: info@gentech-online.com
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    • Report: jubao@gentech-online.com
    • Tel: +86-21-54428800
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