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    Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development

    Employees in GenTech participate in social welfare activities -- voluntary?blood?donation

    Since 2012, GenTech has organized voluntary blood donation activities and coordinated vehicles to conduct the door-to-door blood collection every year. By 2020, a total of 128 person-time have participated in voluntary donation, totaling to to 33,200 ml.

    Among all the blood donors, there are the "veterans" who have persisted in blood donation for 7 years, the "mother model" who has donated more than 10 times, and even the rare blood type owners who have joined the emergency blood donation team without hesitation. GenTech interprets the love and responsibility for society with its practical actions.

    Where there is care and sympathy, there is public welfare. Public welfare is the quality that everyone should have and is closely related to everyone. Public welfare is all around us, especially in our study, work and life. Although sometimes the action may be just a concerned look, a warm word or a simple action, it indeed represents the impact of each person on the whole life and society.


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