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    R&D and Technology

    R&D and Technology

    Industrial Technology Development Research Institute

    Relied on advanced technology theories, GenTech Industrial Technology Development Research Institute develops new technologies with scientific, social and economic value, and such technologies are converted to practical achievements through continuous experimentation, development, application and promotion. Our technology R&D team is not only capable of innovation, but also strives to continuously develop new technologies in the fields of chemical process design, catalytic adsorption, fluid simulation, separation and purification, as well as analysis and detection technology, etc., filling the domestic technological gap.

    Technology research and development


    • Technology and related materials for process media separation and purification
    • Process media recovery, purification and recycling technology
    • Material composition and impurity trace analysis and detection technology
    • Chemical fluid system and process design technology
    • Hazardous process media and system safety assurance technology
    • Energy saving and emission reduction technology

    Technical service platform construction

    The technical service platform of the Industrial Technology Research Institute provides testing, analysis and product certification services for partners and other business sectors in our company.

    • High-purity system component inspection platform
    • Computer simulation platform
    • Electronic control technology development platform
    • Trace analysis detection platform
    • Separation and purification experimental platform
    • Adsorption material experimental platform


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      No.55 Chunyong Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone,
      Shanghai, China, 201108
    • Business: info@gentech-online.com
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    • Tel: +86-21-54428800
    • Fax: +86-21-54428811

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