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    In the post-epidemic era, GenTech helps Bangladesh pharmaceutical market rise


    A five-person project team from Shanghai GenTech Co., Ltd. ("GenTech") arrived in Dhaka, serving asthe first batch of GenTechpersonnel centering onexpedition to Bangladesh in 2021, implementing Renata and IBN SINA2 pharmaceutical factory projects for3 months.

    Bangladesh has a population of 200 million. The pharmaceutical industryserves as itssecond largest source of tax revenue, only next tothe clothing industry, one of the fast-growing industries,playingan important role in the economic field. Bangladesh has more than 200 pharmaceutical factories, providing 97% of the totalmedicinedemand in the local market, exporting medicine to the global market including Europe, structuringfierce competition with India,neighboring powerof genericmedicine.

    GenTech entered Bangladesh pharmaceutical market in 2015. In the past5 years, it has served several top ten pharmaceutical manufacturers such as ACME, steadily increasingits market reputation. In order tofocus oncontracts and keep promises, GenTech overcomes severe challenges of current international epidemic, selecting crack teams,havingall staff vaccinated with Sinopharm vaccines and intensively trained, equipped with sufficient epidemic prevention materials, implementing fully closed management with supportfromlocal agents, ensuring staffsafety for epidemic prevention.

    They are GenTech true warriors and representatives of powerful and confident motherland on "the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road"!Wish them smoothtaskexecution and return home safely!


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