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    GenTech Helps Made in Wuhan New Coronary Inactivated Vaccine with Marketing


    Following conditional listing of new crown inactivated vaccine of Beijing Institute of Biological Products of Sinopharm Group last year, on February 25, State Drug Administration approved conditional listing of new crown inactivated vaccine of Wuhan Institute of Biological Products. This is the second new crown vaccine approved by China Biotech for conditional marketing. Shanghai GenTech Co., Ltd. ("GenTech") provides high-standard and strict pharmaceutical water equipment for research and development process of Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, contributing?to development and listing of the new crown vaccine.

    On April 12, 2020, the fourth day of Wuhan's unblocking, GenTech won the bid for Wusheng Institute new crown vaccine project,?honored to provide a complete set of pharmaceutical water equipmentto?China's first new crown vaccine project to enter clinical stage. It usually takes 2-3 years for human vaccines to go from clinical to official market, while the new crown vaccine of Wuhan Institute of Biological Products only took 10 months. GenTech provides Wuhan Institute of Biological Products with system planning and design, system construction, GMP verification and operation services, covering equipment manufacturing, system installation and commissioning, GEP project management, meeting?the needs of biopharmaceutical customers for ultra-high water quality, high stability and compliancewithstrict requirements. In addition, GenTech can also provide overall upstream and downstream core process solutionsto?biopharmaceutical customers such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, proteins, and blood products.

    "Cheers for Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, saluting?heroic Wuhan!"So far,Wuhan Institute of Biological Products has built a new crown inactivated vaccine biosafety workshop and put it into large-scale production. GenTech will work hard with Wuhan Institute of Biological Products to develop China's high-tech industry and realize national ideal of technologically rejuvenating.


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