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    GenTech: Consolidating industrial strength, coordinating development


    On the afternoon of December 17, inaugural meeting of SEMI China Material Committee sponsored by SEMI China and undertaken by Tongxiang Municipal People's Government was successfully held in Wuzhen. More than 30 leaders from leading semiconductor material companies at home and abroad gathered in Wuzhen, witnessing official establishment of SEMI China Material Committee. Senior vice president of Shanghai GenTech Co., Ltd. ("GenTech") participated in the inaugural meeting as one of the first session members of Material Committee.

    Inaugural meeting of SEMI China Material Committee

    Mr. Ju Long, Vice President of Global SEMI and President of China Region mentioned in his welcome speech, “The semiconductor material market remains about the same this year and is expected to reach a new high in 2021. There is a large gap between supply and demand of domestic semiconductor materials. After deducting export value, self-sufficiency of materials applied in China's integrated circuits was about 10% in 2010. This is an opportunity for Chinese companies." 17 members of the first session committee were awarded committee certificates one by one.

    Mr. Ju Long, Global SEMI Vice President and President of China Region is awarding committee certificate to Shi Kecheng, Senior Vice President of GenTech

    Shi Kecheng, senior vice president of GenTech, said when accepting committee certificate, "SEMI is an international open platform, in particular, organizations like the committee, providing adequate communication opportunities to domestic and international companies. Maintaining open, GenTech expects to develop products with colleagues in the industry, achieving coordinated development of different products."

    Committee chairman and members will actively cooperate to achieve the goals of SEMI China Material Committee, strengthening domestic and international exchanges and cooperation in the semiconductor material industry, accelerating development of innovative technologies and commercial applications, promoting development of industrial ecology and supply chain.


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