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    Boosting electronic material localization: GenTech participates in SEMI China Member Day Event


    SEMI China 2020 Member Day was successfully held in Hefei on November 17th. In this event, GenTech was invited to host SEMI China 2020 Membership Day for the first time. Nearly 200 representatives of member companies gathered at the site, discussing development of the semiconductor industry and latest technology applications. The activity fully promoted exchanges and interactions between upstream and downstream semiconductor industry chains.

    Ju Long,SEMI Global Vice President and President of China Region,regardedmembershipas the foundation of SEMI. SEMI has more than 2,400 corporate members worldwide and more than 500 Chinese corporate members. SEMI will make full use of resources of the global semiconductor integrated circuit industry chain ecosystem to serve members,makingmember companiesconnect,collaborate,innovate on the SEMI platform,whichis also SEMI's philosophy.

    GenTech has been rooted in Hefei for 8 years, witnessingmaterial layout in the pan-semiconductor industry. Hefei GenTech electronic material productioncentercomprehensively integratesR&D, production, testing, sales, warehousing and service of electronic special gas materials. It is alsopart ofHefei semiconductor industry chain.

    Shi Kecheng, senior vice president of Shanghai GenTech Co., Ltd., mentioned in the afternoon meeting that under the international environment,it is necessaryto accelerate localization,centering on thegreat opportunity for development of domestic materials and equipment companies.Blessing of industrial policy hasofferedwings to development of China's semiconductor industry. There is a long way to go. The industry needs to faceanydifficulties, coordinate development of upstream and downstream, and utilize resources and technological advantages of leading enterprises in the industry chainforjoint research and development ofadvanced technologies, break down technical barriers, trulyachievinglocalization.

    In addition, during Sino-Korea semiconductor enterprise exchange meeting of the event, GenTech Senior Vice President Shi Kecheng shared with SEMI member companies presenting development, business growth, business layout and customer situation of GenTech on behalf of GenTech, attracting widespreadconcern.


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